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sam. 29 avril 2017, 09h47

Re: X#

The current build of the X# compiler can compile the Vulcan SDK without
changes, except for some obvious errors in the Vulcan SDK that Vulcan
did not find!

We consider the Vulcan Compatibility of the compiler finished. All
Vulcan code should compile without problems now.
The next builds of the compiler will focus on bug fixing and adding
some VO compatibility options which are listed below as well as adding
some new features.

Below is the complete (but short) list of things that are not supported
yet or are known problems in the current build of X#.

Commands and Keywords

·ACCESS/ASSIGN must be both in same (partial) class. Cannot be spread
over 2 parts of the class

·Some VO compatibility compiler options are not implemented yet. The
command line options are recognized but nothing is done with them
/cs: Case Sensitivity (the compiler is now always Case Insensitive)
/vo 11: VO Compatible Numeric conversions

·The preprocessor is not complete:

othe repeated result markers are not supported yet.

oThe compiler pragmas (#pragma warnings and #pragma options) do not
work. They are ignored by the compiler.

·The XML doc generation is not working

·Parser errors need improvements
Erroneous code may generate compiler runtime errors

·Compiler errors may be cryptic every now and then

·The compiler is case insensitive. There may be a problem with case
insensitive matching of interface member names. The case insensitivity
cannot be switched off for now.
We have also seen problems for classes where different member names are
defined with a name that is only different in case.

·Sometimes you may see a "Include file not found" error, where the file
DOES exist. This seems to be a side effect of the codepage that was
used to save the include files.
When you save the file as UTF8 (File Advanced Save Options in Visual
Studio) then this problem almost always disappears.

Visual Studio
·The intellisense is not complete. At this moment we are missing
parameter tips and more. Code completion, Regions, Keyword coloring,
Brace Matching, Goto definition, Peek definition etc are supported.

·No editors for VOBinary entities

a+ Eddy
Merci de partager avec moi votre immense savoir que je me ferai plaisir
d'absorber... il va de soi que je vais vous en laisser un peu
Politesse et savoir vivre oblige ;0)

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