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jeu. 31 août 2017, 16h11

Re: Erreur n°1640 à la compilation d’un projet Visual FoxPro (Access to system Registry

Not a direct answer, but one way to help figure it out would be to use Reg Mon from SysInternals - start it at the beginning of your build process and end it as quickly as possible. Might even be a good idea to do this on a very simple (small) test project - the registry is written to and read from constantly by various processes. You should be able to determine from the generated log which registry keys you're interested in. HTH. William Fields

You can set filter in Reg Mon to monitor only VFP9.EXE, for example. -- Sergey Berezniker
Today we worked through this issue, and got it resolved. We changed Permission in HKLM\software\classes and gave rights to (in our case) the programer's group. Works like a charm!

En utilisant Reg Mon de SysInternals tu vas vois ce qui ce passe lorsque Vfp va tenter d'écrire dans la B-R..


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