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ven. 08 mars 2019, 08h14
Jean =c3=a0 Grenoble

On parle de nous dans le monde entier !!!

va-t-on voir débarquer des Foxeurs non francophones à Lyon ?

Copie d'un message posté sur Profox (

Jean à Grenoble

Hi all VFPers,

Had trouble posting the original message here, but here is a shortened version.
It can also be found at:

I thought while looking through all the Examples on the Downloads area that the
above mentioned example might be a good mix of typical XBase style VFP and VFP
features/functions that were not part of the original DBase language, when the
fork into various XBase style languages started back in the 80's. As some of
you might be [un]aware there is a "new" opensource XBase language XSharp (X#)
started in 2015 from the discontinued Vulcan.NET language that has its roots in
the original Clipper/CA-Visual Objects fork. It is based on the opensource
MicroSoft C-Sharp (c#) compiler project called Roslyn that can be found on
GitHub. XSharp available from

XSharp already have full featured "Language Syntax" selection for [x]Harbour (a
Clipper fork based on the Borland C++ compiler), XBase++, CA-Visual Objects,
Vulcan.NET and in true form XSharp.Core. The next language to be addressed is
VFP. Two IDE environments are available, MicroSoft Visual Studio and XIDE. XIDE
is 100% X# developed. X# can be defined as The XBase syntax c# compiler.

Fabrice Foray, the Visual Studio integration developer, was invited to present
X# at the French VFP Conference in May

Request was already submitted for 2 sessions at swfox later this year.

I took a "timed" conversion of the ValidateUTF8 example and was able to have it
100% converted into XSharp/.net in about 45 minutes.

What are your impressions?

Johan Nel.

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